BMW Painted Key Hole Cover

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The painted key hole cover is the perfect addition for those looking for a clean, uninterrupted appearance. The covers utilize an original BMW OEM core, and by painting these OEM parts at our own in-house paint facility, we ensure a nearly perfect paint match every time. We offer almost all factory BMW colors, including BMW Individual.

The painted key hole cover is designed as a replacement for the original factory surround. We recommend installing the key hole cover on the original lock cylinder. By installing the cover on top of the lock cylinder it provides an emergency access point in the event the battery is drained.


Please let me know the color after you place the order. If you live outside of the US and Canada, please contact me before you place the order.


Free shipping within the US.





Installation Guide

Tool(s) Required:

Torx 25

Step 1:

Now for the fun stuff. When you open the door you will notice there is a rubber plug located at the top of the door parallel with the door handle. Remove this cover. 

Step 2:

With the rubber plug removed you will notice an opening. Using the Torx25 driver unscrew the Torx bolt that is set within the opening. 

Step 3:

Upon removing the Torx bolt patiently wiggle the lock cylinder from the door. 

Step 4: 

Now that the lock cylinder is out of the door the goal is to remove the factory cover. The cover is held in place by 2 plastic tabs, one on each side. Use a pick or a smaller screw driver and carefully pry the tabs upward. Do not apply too much force! You simply need to move the tab enough to release the lock cylinder

Step 5:

Now that the lock cylinder is removed from the cover you are now able to install the IND key hole cover. This cover simply slides over the cylinder and is secured with the same tabs. 

When placing the cover over the lock cylinder the tabs may not effortlessly slide into place. Apply pressure on the flat portion of the tab until they are seated properly.